Our horses

All of our 5 horses travelled from Kenya to their new home, at different moments in time.

Bombax is a half poney born in 2009 to a breeding farm in Nairobi, Kenya, renowned for training and breeding some of the best jumpers in Kenya. Bombax’s parents are both ponies- his mother Tillah was a grey rescue pony and his father Wamda is a dark bay Ethiopian pony.

He is a light grey color with a beautiful half-black, half-yellow tail. Bombax has been with us at Fazenda for X years. He proved to be a smart horse, friendly and playful. He is also a good jumper. He is a wonderful ride for kids but anyone can enjoy a ride with him.


Sonyador was born in 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya, to Eunice, a chestnut thoroughbred mother and Wamba, who also sired Bombax- making these two ponies half siblings!

You can recognize their resemblance but she is a dark brown with a white diamond on her forehead.
She is very smart and sometimes you might see her leading the trail to the right direction. Just like her half-brother, she is playful and moves with energy and grace. Both horses being the same size, they make the perfect match for couples looking for a nice picture on a horse!


Zorro is a thoroughbred gelding born in 2004 in Nairobi, Kenya. His coat is light chestnut with a white stripe along his face. At 3 years old he started his racing career where he managed to get six wins including 2nd place on a Derby race. He joined us at Fazenda several years ago and proved to be a great horse. Both beginners and advanced riders enjoy riding him.


Vivayshus is a thoroughbred gelding born in Nairobi, Kenya. Two years later he started racing and managed to have 4 wins as a sprinter. He joined us at Fazenda in 2015 and proved to be a very strong horse, truly a leader on trails. He is chestnut and our taller horse, perfect for experienced riders.


Rock & Roll is a thoroughbred gelding born in South Africa and later moved to Nairobi for racing.He managed to get 3 wins on his name before moving to complete Fazenda’s team. His coat is golden brown with a white stripe on his forehead. He is tall and the perfect choice for adults on trails.




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