Get the thrills at Fazenda

Allow us to reintroduce you to Fazenda Sengha which is located on Mount Kigali. Despite being called mount Kigali, it is actually a hill. Even being one of the most famous hills from Rwanda, from all that 1000 Hills Rwanda holds…

Enjoy beautiful views atop Mt. Kigali inside Fazenda Sengha

Another fun fact to take you through your ride up the hill, is the meaning of Fazenda. Well if you are a lover of languages, this beautiful name comes from Portuguese and it means an estate or large farm. A fitting name for the sprawling estate that is home to horses, donkeys, free flying birds and insects, little fish by the pond and occasional visits from dogs owned by the management.

Aside from the fauna, the estate is a haven of various flora that bloom and blossom all through the year. Nature loving fans are known to take pictures and share on their socials. We see and appreciate you all who tag us 😘

Now to the part that all adrenaline seeking junkies have been waiting for… Great adventurous activities to knock your socks off! We are talking about the quad rides, ziplining, archery, horseback riding, trampoline, bungee trampoline, bocce-petanque, corn hole game, badminton, among other cool activities to take part in.

Cross full of power on a Quad through the hills, deep mud and steep slopes! Experience how spectacular and challenging these Quad rides are at Fazenda Sengha.

Then there is another amazing activity: archery. An activity for both the young and old. There will be a target, a rose, and explanation which will challenge you in the competition with your friends. You will have to grab your arrow, keep your bow tight, aim and then hit the rose! The fun part, you ask? Discovering the true Robin Hood in your group! Tell us that’s not what you were thinking of?🤷‍♂️

For the animal lovers there is the opportunity to go horse riding. It is for the experienced but also for the inexperienced horse-rider. Horse riding takes place in a designated horse riding track, but if one chooses, there is a horse riding trail that lasts for up to one hour depending on the package you choose. There are also horse riding classes for those who want to master the sport.

Another activity for the bon vivants among us is the thrillers dose of fun, the ziplines! This unique experience lets you zip over a distance spread over 500 meters that consists of 3 ziplines and a monkey bridge. You reach the starting point very nearby by foot, and the zip lines even go through the forest.

Soon you will be able to experience the much awaited paintball game. After fitting a complete combat outfit with a ‘gun’ and a thorough explanation of the game, the teams are formed and the game can begin… Paintball is not just a fun game that is full of adrenaline, it also teaches valuable principles such as trust, delegation, communication and strategy. It is perfect for team-building, for example with your work mates, as a school-trip, for a bachelor(ette) party or as a family event!


For every group of people out there, we have got the best day or weekend arrangements ready for you to partake in. All packages are composed with extra care and discount.

If you like a relaxed time or are done taking part in the energy consuming activities, there are chilled spots across the estate for you to calm your nerves. These are the hammocks, swinging chairs and picnic style settings to wind down and kick it as you barbeque or order in food and drinks from the premise.

Make sure to catch the breathtaking sunset and the lanterns that mark the day done.

We hope to see you one of these fine Kigali days!